Coco, Early & Associates to Host Supermarket Sweep at Market Basket in Haverhill, MA

Coco, Early & Associates is excited to announce that at on Saturday, May 12th at the Westgate Plaza Market Basket in Haverhill, MA (located at 400 Lowell Ave.), they will host a “Supermarket Sweep!”  This event, which takes place at 6 a.m. and is in honor of the company’s 20th anniversary, gives six lucky winners 60 seconds to accumulate as much food as they can fit into one grocery basket.

“This event is so fun for us and it actually is one of the first company contests we ever held many years ago,” said Blaise Coco, Coco, Early & Associates chief executive officer.  “It’s a great opportunity for us to pull many people together in an energetic way and it allows us to give back to our community that has trusted us for more than 20 years.  We cannot wait!”

To be a potential “sweeper,” those interested should visit the company’s website:, click on Special Events and register.  Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.  You may re-register each week to earn more chances to win. The deadline to enter is May 10, 2018 at midnight.  Six lucky winners will be drawn at the event — 5/12 at 6 a.m. Winners only can win once and may pull food items only.  Sneakers and a signed liability waiver are required.  Costume dress is permitted and encouraged.  Winners must allow photos to be published and may receive 1099 for winnings.

About Coco, Early & Associates

Coco, Early & Associates is the area’s largest independent real estate company in the markets that it serves. They have fourteen office locations throughout MA & NH, and are an established professional partnership with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Luxury Portfolio. Each day, Coco, Early agents sell an average of six homes!  Their mission is to provide extraordinary local and global real estate services, with a personal touch, while giving back to their local communities.

For more information about Coco, Early & Associates please visit


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Coco, Early & Associates Recognized on 2017 REAL Trends 500 List

Coco, Early & Associates is excited to announce that the company has made the 2017 REAL Trends 500 List.  Those who earn a spot on this prestigious real estate industry report are leading realty firms that outperformed the market, compared against the results reported by the National Association of Realtors® and the National Association of Home Builders. Those recognized firms saw unit sales up 6.6 percent while sales volume increased 8.8 percent, which shows that size and leadership do matter.

The REAL Trends 500, now in its 30th year, remains the undisputed leader in ranking the performance of residential real estate service firms. Due to the requirement of independent verification, the REAL Trends 500 is the trusted source for information about the performance of these firms.

“We are thrilled to kick-off our extremely hot spring market with this exciting recognition,” said Linda Early, president of Coco, Early & Associates.  “Our continued commitment to providing our agents with the tools they need to succeed has transpired into very successful client relationships.  Our agents are armed with all that they need to ensure that their clients are educated and prepared throughout the buying and selling process. We couldn’t ask for more from them and they’re providing their clients with everything that they need!  This honor is just proof that they continue to go above and beyond in what they do.”

“Being measured by our local competitors is one thing,” said Blaise Coco, chief executive officer at Coco, Early & Associate, “But on a national stage where there are tens of thousands of real estate firms competing for the privilege to be called “Top 500” is such an accomplishment, an accomplishment that can only be achieved by the whole team.”

The REAL Trends 500 Rankings are produced in several ways: first by closed transaction sides and then by sales volume. Firms ranked by sales volume may not appear in the rankings by transaction sides due to differences in mean sales prices of homes across the country.  Coco, Early and Associates has achieved both by placing in the top 500 in listings and top 500 in sales.

For more information about Coco, Early & Associates, please visit the company site at

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Coco, Early & Associates Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

Coco, Early & Associates is excited to share that the company is celebrating its 20 year anniversary this year.  What began in 1997 as a two-person team with one assistant, has grown into a leading local (yet global), independent real estate company with more than 300 agents and 13 office locations.  Since Coco, Early & Associates’ inception, they have closed more than $5 billion in real estate sales.  In 2016 alone, the company averaged selling six homes each day!

“It’s hard to believe 20 years already have passed,” said Linda Early, president of Coco, Early & Associates.  “Our success is a direct result of the energy and passion that our agents have for what they do.  We provide the tools and we’re fortunate that all of our agents take advantage of them.  We are truly grateful to our agents and staff as well the amazing communities we are so fortunate to work with.”

The company kicked off its celebratory year on March 22nd with the Annual Awards Ceremony held at the Atkinson Country Club. The event was hosted by local radio celebrity, Candy O’Terry, and honored the company’s top producing agents.  Festivities will continue throughout the year with major events planned for its Annual Agent Appreciation Week in August.  For more information about Coco, Early & Associates, please visit the company site at

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Coco, Early & Associates’ Website Recognized for Excellence

Coco, Early & Associates has been awarded the Website Quality Certification (WQC) from Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, a global community of more than 550 high quality independent real estate firms in over 60 countries. The certification was presented in recognition of excellence in website design, content and functionality.

Coco, Early & Associates’ website,, received high marks in a variety of critical areas relating to website performance, including usability, design, content, interactivity, customer service and mobile responsiveness. The evaluation was conducted by Virtual Results, LLC, a real estate internet and social marketing firm selected by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® to review the websites of participating members.

The specific measurements for the WQC are updated each year to reflect the most current online marketing strategies, as well as evolving consumer preferences. Companies must be re-certified every two years to maintain the certification.

“The 140 companies that earned the WQC this year have created websites that engage consumers with thoughtful design, rich local content and up-to-date information on homes in the local market and around the world. We are pleased to recognize them for giving consumers a superior online experience and supporting that with exceptional customer support,” said Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® President/CEO Pam O’Connor.

“We are thrilled that our company website was recognized as one of the finest in our industry,” said Linda Early, president of Coco, Early & Associates.  “It’s one thing for us to think it is one of the best, but to have the validation from such a prestigious organization as Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®  is truly satisfying.”

As a member of LeadingRE, Coco, Early & Associates provides a quality real estate experience, global marketing reach and access to top real estate professionals in any market.

About Coco, Early & Associates

Coco, Early & Associates is the area’s largest independent real estate company in the markets that it serves. With an established professional partnership with Leading RE and Luxury Portfolio, the company offers clients an unmatched marketing capability around the world both in print and online.  Each day, agents sell an average of six homes!  Agents in the company have the opportunity to participate in industry renowned courses that utilize the most current technologies.  Additional information can be found online at

For more information about Coco, Early & Associates please visit

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Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

White-Silver-Holiday-Decor-2012The holidays are full of festivities and decorating is just one piece of the whole season’s package.  There are gifts to be bought, food to be made, cards to be sent — never mind if you’re selling your home too!  Here are a few simple tips that will help you make sure your home is shining at its best, no matter the season.

Keep it simple.  Don’t buy the biggest tree or pull out the blow up Santa for your front yard.  Remember, you want your home to look spacious and roomy enough for potential home buyers so be sure your selections don’t overcrowd your home’s living or outdoor space.  Also opt for more general winter decorations rather than a specific holiday so as not to offend potential buyers with different beliefs.

Make it inviting.  Perhaps bake a batch of cookies or a seasonal pie to offer your visitors.  Maybe even have some classical music playing in the background. Those scents and soothing sounds of the holidays can remind your guests that this could possibly be their next ‘home sweet home.’

Make it easily accessible.  Just make sure the winter snow doesn’t inhibit your guests easy entrance to your home.  Clear the walkway and driveway of any potential hazardous ice and snow so potential buys easily can come into your home.

Research your real estate agent.  Ask him/her questions as to what their availability is over the holiday.  You want your agent to be around throughout the season in case potential buyers are interested.  Knowing this ahead of time, will just make the whole process easier for all.

Create a virtual tour.  Sometimes the cold, ice and snow of winter make it difficult for potential buyers to get to all the available homes they want to see.  By having a professional video of your home taken, this can be shared on the web so that anyone can view it, no matter the weather!

Enjoy the season!  This is the most important.  Don’t let the stress of selling your home overtake the joy of the season.

Remember there is a buyer for every home…it’s just a matter of when that buyer comes through your front door!  As long as you are prepared, you are sure to experience a smooth process.


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Simple Steps To Have Your Home Ready For Show

Now that the hot, lazy days of summer are over and autumn has made its presence known, maybe you’ve turned your own leaf and decided to take the plunge and embark on a house-hunting adventure. While searching for a new home has its own challenges, one challenge you can minimize with a little planning, is the reality that your own home needs to be ready to be put on the market. Here are a few simple steps to ease this process:
Remove all signs of summer — Of course, we all love flip flops, sand and pool toys, but when the crisp weather is here, put it all away. Rid your garage, yard and mud room of these items to make space and highlight the strengths of your home.
Seal up drafts — The season lends itself to some windy days. Don’t let a draft sneak in under a door or window when a potential buyer steps in. Rather, make the repair now so you don’t forget!
Rake the leaves — Don’t let signs of the season deter a potential buyer. The season’s foliage is one of its highlights but if you have piles of leaves in the way of your walkways and garages, it can often make visitors think these are more of a hassle than a gift!
Enhance your entryway — Sweep the steps. Clean the windows. Tastefully decorate your front door. Keep it simple. Make them feel welcome from the moment they walk in the door.

While these tips aren’t difficult, thinking of them early on in the process only will help you to enjoy your own search for your new Home Sweet Home!

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Fall Festivals Abound In NH and MA

pumpkinThe fall is a fantastic time of year to get outdoors, enjoy the cool air and amazing foliage.  There are fairs of all kinds around our area.

Below are links to some fun fall festivals in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts:

  • New Hampshire
  • Massachusetts
  • Take a minute to enjoy all that our region has to offer.  Whether its apples, crafts or maybe a hayride, we’re fortunate to have it all in our backyards!

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    Be Kind & Pay It Forward

    pay-it-forwardToday’s blog is a little off the beaten path from our typical stories sharing industry advice or local news, but very important nonetheless.  Those of you who know our team here at Coco, Early & Associates know that we value giving back to the communities in which we serve very seriously.  Not only is it something we think about – it’s something we actively do!

    This time of year, as moms and dads are reminded of the upcoming demands of school: lunches to made, buses to be caught and school shoes, backpacks and notebooks to be bought, our team at Coco, Early knows that not everyone is able to afford some of the basics that make your back to school experience complete.  We want to remind all of you that in our offices this weekend, we’re donating notebooks, backpacks, pencils and rulers to all those who stop by.  First-come, first-served until supplies last.

    We’re so excited to make some families season a little easier and so many will ask what can be done to say thank you.  The message here is simple, please just pay it forward.  In this day and age when bad news often will supersede the good, take a moment to think about how you can make someone’s day a little easier, maybe even just a kind word or gesture.  Maybe it’s a cup of coffee.  Maybe it’s watering their lawn.  No matter the act, just don’t think twice about it.  Be kind and pay it forward…each and every day!  At Coco, Early & Associates, it’s just what we do.

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    A Vacation Home Can Be Yours

    beachWith the sun shining and the lazy days of summer upon us (and sadly nearing all too quickly), the thoughts of being able to pop into your own vacation home anytime you like is VERY appealing, right?  While the market may seem just about right for you to take the plunge, there are just five things to consider before you jump in to that decision.

    1. Get pre-approved.  It sure seems obvious, but this is just a gentle reminder.  It would be horrible to find that perfect home and still have to go through all the paperwork to make a final deal.
    2. Find the perfect location.  While the secluded beach and waves are perfect for you, if you intend to rent out the property make sure the area is appealing to a majority of people.  Know the culture of the area, the community and what the area offers for amenities.
    3. Once you find it, stay there for a few weeks and see if you still love it.  It’s one thing to enjoy a special place for one week at a time, but what’s your feeling when you’re there for two or three weeks, even a month?  Find a rental property in the area before making your final decision and make sure it is a home and an area where you’d like to stay for an extended period of time.
    4. Know your budget.  There’s nothing worse than finding a home where you love and suddenly getting in over your head.  The point is to find a home where you can relax and enjoy.  If you start in over your head, you’ll never enjoy your peace and quiet time there.
    5. Avoid on the spot decisions.  Even if you think you have found love at first sight, at least sleep on it for one night.  Don’t jump too quick.  Make sure you have those same feelings in the morning too.  If so, go for it!

    Throughout this entire process, having a reliable and educated real estate agent by your side can ensure you find your vacation home within your budget, in the perfect location and give you the peace of mind of to enjoy it for many years to come!

    To see many options for your home, second home and vacation homes, visit today!

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